A message from our CEO,
Alexis Dormandy

Oxford Science Enterprises (OSE) was founded in 2015 with a big ambition; to create a world where the best scientists and brightest business minds combine to solve the world’s biggest challenges at unprecedented speed.

Since then, our unique partnership with Oxford University has led to a share in more than 100 Oxford science spinouts, founded by over 200 of Oxford’s leading academics.

We have invested £0.5 billion in over 80 of these, and are actively focused on a core portfolio of around 40 companies spanning three high-growth, high-impact sectors – Life Sciences, Health Tech and Deep Tech.

In addition to funding, we provide our companies with strategic business-building and operational support and access to expert networks and more than 55,000 sq ft of lab & start-up space, to help them flourish and bring them closer to realising their value and potential.

Together with Oxford University we have helped to create a phenomenal science-business ecosystem:

  • Increasing university spinouts from an average of 4-5 companies per year to over 20
  • Increasing investment in university spinouts from an average of £125m per year (2011-2015) to £600m (2016 – 2021)
  • Attracting an incredible influx of scientific and management talent from around the world

Our enterprises are now making a remarkable impact on the world, from the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine that is supplied around the world (and represents 98% of COVAX vaccines), to Base Genomics, acquired by Exact Sciences for its revolutionary early-stage cancer detection technology, to breakthroughs in clean energy production, quantum computing, agtech and AI applications across multiple sectors.

In 2015, OSE was just an idea. Today OSE has entered the next phase of its journey – an ambitious business that has passed its £1bn valuation. The team past and present, should feel incredibly proud of what they have achieved, in such a short space of time – it is truly amazing.

I joined OSE in January 2021, clear on its mission, inspired by its achievements, and motivated by the opportunity to make a real difference to the world. Since then, an enormous amount of work has taken place behind the scenes:

  • We have expanded the team including new leads for the Life Science, Technology and Talent acquisition sides of the business, in Katya Smirnyagina, Alexis Zervoglos, and Sarah Shackelton, respectively
  • We have refined and evolved our approach to business creation, business scaling and investment; leveraging our evergreen structure to create a strategic, systematic and scalable method to source and support high-quality start-ups
  • We have defined a new set of values to guide us, ensuring we act in a way that we will be proud of 20 years from now

As we continue to grow and evolve as a business, we are clear about our vision, purpose, and values – and our focus on building social and economic value – is critical.

We are an independent investment company, not a fund – this means we are not constrained by restrictive timelines and adopt a long-term investment approach, recognising the path from ground-breaking research to global markets takes time and resilience.

This gives us greater flexibility to make decisions based on the nature of the challenge and the needs of the businesses.

We partner the best scientists from the world’s best university with the best business brains, we work hard to maximise the impact of Oxford’s science, shaping and nurturing complex ideas into successful businesses, while targeting attractive returns for our shareholders.

We understand that we hold a privileged position as a key player in Oxford’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and are highly motivated to foster an environment that catalyses pioneering research and steers it to commercial success. We’re committed to doing this in an inclusive and sustainable way.

We are Oxford Science Enterprises. We transform world-leading science into world-changing businesses.


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