We build world-changing businesses.

Scientific breakthroughs can solve our biggest challenges – from infectious diseases and cancer to cyber security, shortages of natural resources, and climate change. But only when they make it out of the lab.

We are Oxford Science Enterprises, an independent, billion-pound investment company created in 2015 to found, fund and build transformational businesses via our unique partnership with the University of Oxford, the world’s #1 research university.

This partnership enables us to work with the brightest academic minds tackling the world’s toughest challenges and guarantees us unrivalled access to their scientific research. In collaboration with our global network of entrepreneurs and advisors, we shape and nurture these complex ideas into successful businesses, while targeting attractive returns for shareholders.

Actively focused on three key high-growth, high-impact sectors – Life Sciences, Health Tech and Deep Tech – we adopt a flexible, long-term investment approach recognising the path from ground-breaking research to global markets takes time and resilience.

A key player in Oxford’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, we are highly motivated to foster an environment that catalyses pioneering research and steers it to commercial success. We are committed to doing this in an inclusive and sustainable way.



A big welcome to Jean-Paul Mangeolle who recently joined the Board of Directors of our portfolio company @refeynit as a Non-Executive Director.

An incredibly valuable addition to the company as it continues to grow!

Read the full announcement ⬇

Congratulations to our portfolio company @OpsydiaLtd who have secured further investment to expand its development and support its continued growth in the international diamond and coloured stone industries.

#investment #technology #diamondsecurity


Our portfolio company @AnimalDynamics_ was featured last weekend on @CNN's 'Tech for Good'👏

Find out how the company is looking to animals for inspiration to improve engineering designs for a variety of vehicles and systems.


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