Celebrating five years of Oxford Science Enterprises and Oxford’s history of innovation

August 7, 2020

In 2015, Oxford Science Enterprises was founded with a mission: to enable scientists and entrepreneurs to build the companies that solve the world’s toughest problems. It’s a bold goal, and one we are well aware will not happen overnight. In June we marked our 5th anniversary and, while we are still on a journey, it does provide a good chance to reflect. We are humbled to think that we now have over 80 companies built up of talented, tenacious people who are facing the challenges of our time head on.

On this anniversary, we look back at how Oxford has changed over the past five years, its major scientific breakthroughs and the growth of its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We’re excited to see what discoveries the next five years will bring. 

Oxford Science Enterprises to date
£611m patient capital raised from blue chip shareholders
£235m invested to date
80 companies in portfolio over 5 years, 3X annual spin-out rate over previous 20 years
>£500m invested in total by Oxford Science Enterprises & partners over 5 years (same as in previous 20 in total)
3 exits
35 Oxford Science Enterprises team members
75% demand for lab space in Oxford driven by spinouts since 2015
900 jobs created within portfolio companies
6 companies involved in fighting Covid

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