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What if you could stop stress before it affects your physical health?

What if you could stop stress before it affects your physical health?

Sources of stress are becoming more numerous and more diverse, leading to more mental and physical health problems. BioBeats is a platform which helps to restore the relationship between mind and body and counteract the negative effects of stress.

BioBeats, led by its founder and CEO David Plans, uses a combination of machine learning, electronic sensors from a wearable device or a phone camera, and evidence-based interventions. The BioBeam wearable band measures baseline heart rate, sleep quality, brain function, and activity levels, and the BioBase app provides feedback and recommends proven cognitive interventions. BioBeats measures and analyses baseline levels of these physical characteristics and provides insights into the significance and causes of variation, allowing people to take control of the impact of stress. Interventions are tailored to, and delivered at the right moments for, each user.

Using traditional mindfulness techniques, science, and artificial intelligence, BioBeats is a personalised and proven way to increase and develop a stronger sense of wellbeing.

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